Our Process

It's not always easy to find the interior designer who's perfect for your project! You want someone who can support you through the entire process, someone who can help you see the value of something you'll have forever, and someone who knows that not everything can be a gaudy showpiece. Oh, and it would be great if they could end the clutter and chaos and make your home just as functional as it is beautiful, too.

Our process is designed to create that sense of comfort and ease for you all the way through. You can work with me for just one phase of your project, or I can help you all the way through. Either way, you'll never feel the pressure of making a risky decision and you'll wind up with a gorgeous interior that's 100% right for you and your family. 

Take a look - 

Step 1

Phase One - Design

Once we've decided to work together, we'll sit down and chat about your particular space, your goals for it, and the way you and your family live your day-to-day life. There's no use in having a good looking home if it doesn't support your lifestyle, so these are very important conversations to have!

I'll give you my best ideas on the most appropriate use of your space, and show you the big design concepts that would accentuate your home most beautifully. 

After the ideas phase, the magic really starts to come together. I produce sketches and samples, mood boards and space plans - all the things you need to see what your home can be. 

Once you approve your design, we move forward to the next phase.

Step 2

Phase Two - Selection

When there's a design scheme in place, we can curate the specific surfaces and materials to make the ideas a reality. 

From choosing flooring for an entire house to picking the cabinet handles to set things off just perfectly, no aspect of this phase is too small - everything counts!

Next, it's time to make things happen. You can take these ideas to the contractor of your choosing, or move forward with me as a partner in the plan. 

Step 3

Phase Three - Management

If we've made it this far together, congratulations! Your exclusively designed home is right around the corner.

During the management phase, I'm happy to work with a general contractor you've selected or act as project manager on my own. I have relationships with some of the best tradesmen in Acadiana so we can start remodeling quickly and with confidence.

I'll stay on to the end making sure every last detail is more than correct - including all the handmade extras that will set your home apart from everyone else you know.

From decorative painting to the color of the grout, every detail will fall under my scrutiny. Know this - if something's not right, we'll make it right. 


And that's the end! Well, it's the end of our design journey, but for you it's just the beginning - the beginning of living in and enjoying every day in your spectacular home.

Sounds pretty good, right? If you're ready to get one step closer to your dream home,

click here to contact me and schedule your design consultation.