Three Top Tips for Rustic Christmas Decor

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Are you looking for a fresh, timeless take on Christmas?  Year after year, I see trends come and go.  From peacock-colored tones to bright, vivid pinks with turquoise and now blush and crystal decorations. Of course they are beautiful, but do you tend to follow the trend or do you stick to your traditional Christmas colors?  

I'm mostly a traditional girl when it comes to Christmas decorations.  I love the bling that the decorations can bring, but I also love the warm woodsy feel!  Within the past 5 years or so, I have brought a rustic-traditional style into our Christmas home decor and now I'm sharing my favorite tidbits with you!  

So many people ask me, "How are you decorating your tree this year?  What are you changing or adding to your decor?"  Well, I have to admit, as I have gotten older, I'm cherishing more of the sentiment and tradition of my Christmas ornaments and style.  I will share pictures of my home later, but for now, let me show you how you can incorporate some rustic-traditional Christmas style into your home without going over the top RUSTIC!  





Let's start with COLOR!            

I am a red girl!  I always have been.  And of course, there's nothing more traditional than red on a Christmas tree or cute little red berries wrapped up in a wreath or in a table setting.  They always seem to give the right amount of brightness!  The options are endless with color.  Paint your front door in either a warm gray and let the colors of the season shine or paint your door red for a welcoming feel year-round.








And then there's LIGHTING...        

Lighting is key in any setting, so surely you know, great lighting for the holiday season is a must!  LED String lights are amazing when used creatively and are excellent for energy efficiency.  Think out of the box when filling your lanterns this year.  LED candles with remotes (safe for those babies and running kiddos) or even string or fairy lights on the porch inside the lanterns for a whimsical display of ambiance.  Don't forget, since you are putting these items at your front entry, freshen up your wall lighting.  If you need something new because yours is a bit rusty or dinky, I have a precious choice for you!  This Hinkley light is one that can be adored for years to come!





GREENERY, oh the greenery!        

Its everywhere and it smells lovely!  (If its the fake stuff you have, it doesn't smell lovely.)  Christmas Joy is my favorite smell of the season and I've got the perfect DIY Recipe for you to spritz all over them. :)  A lifelike wreath and miniature trees give a cozy feel to your front door!  I found some great little trees this year that I plan to keep around for a while.  Placing them on planters give it a warm rustic feel too.  Ahhhh, I just love it!




These few things surrounding your door will draw peoples eyes straight to your home.  Its like saying, "Welcome!  Come on over!" with just a wink and a red little twinkle. :)  Oh and don't forget a simple front door mat.  Monogrammed is perfectly styled and not only for holiday time.  

And if searching for all the perfect items isn't your thing, check out this perfectly paired package to suit all your needs.

You'll find everything you need and more all at your fingertips without all the holiday shopping stress!

So go on, enjoy your curb appeal this year!  Invite your neighbors!  Invite them in for coffee or some heart warming hot chocolate and relax.  Its the season to be cheery and love those around you!  I'm going to do the same.

Merry Christmas,



Michele Broussard

I love to make houses into homes.